Rock climber.  Coach.  Animal Lover.  Production Guru

Natalie started climbing in 2007 at a gym in the Washington, DC area.  As a weekend warrior she would drive 6 hours to the New River Gorge in West Virginia for a day and a half of climbing, then driving 6 hours back Sunday afternoon.  The occasional long weekend would justify driving even further to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.  This commute got old and after spending 5 years working full time in television production she moved to Colorado where she found an incredible change of pace, fresh air, and limitless rock.  In 2014 Natalie began coaching youth athletes at Rock’n and Jam’n in Thornton, Colorado.  She is also available for private lessons.  When not climbing or coaching you can usually find her volunteering with the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society or working in media production as a PA, AP, researcher, actor, or transcriber.  Natalie spends her summers rock climbing and living out of her van with her two cats.  2017 UPDATE:  Natalie now lives full time on the road with Leonard and Gus.  Come say hi if you see them out and about! 2018 UPDATE: I started working for a documentary called Normal Isn’t Real: Succeeding with Learning Disabilities & ADHD.  Please visit our website to learn more and if you are interested in hosting a screening please contact me! www.normalisntreal.com

Unknown Facts:

I love prairie dogs!  I volunteer with the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society.  See ‘Claws’ Page for more info!

I am a vegetarian.  If you have any questions about climbing while being a vegetarian, ask away!

I work part-time in television production, mostly on commercials these days but documentaries are my true love.  Transcribing, research, scouting, production assistance, associate producing, logistics, you name it, I can probably get it done for you!

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