Favorite Climbs

There are so many favorites but here are a few that really stand out!

Ghetto Simulator, one of the world's best V2s

Ghetto Simulator, one of the world’s best V2s

Jesus Wept 12d, Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Milkbone 13a, Flatirons, Colorado

Blue Light Special 13b, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Cocaine Rodeo 12a, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Moons of Pluto 10d, Smith Rock, Oregon

Latin Lover 12a, Smith Rock, Oregon

Zorro 11d, Wild Iris, Wyoming

Swedish Fish 12b, Red River Gorge, KY

Minstrel in the Gallery 12b, Red Rock, Nevada

World at War 11d, New River Gorge, West Virginia

Ghetto Simulator V2, Hueco Tanks, Texas

King Cobra V6, Hueco Tanks, Texas

Block and Tackle V2 highball, Stone Fort, Tennessee

The Maiden V0, Hueco Tanks, Colorado

Last Day in Paradise V9, Rocklands, South Africa

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