Aret Basewear Toura High cut bra 2016

I received this bra in April and have been wearing it ever since.  No joke.  I’m not just saying this because I was asked to write a review. I am saying this because it is true, I can’t get enough of it.  Yes the price is steep (but no steeper than Patagonia, Prana, or any of those other high quality outdoor names).  And what sets Aret apart is that it is MADE IN THE USA.  YES THAT’S RIGHT! MADE IN ‘MERICA!  So my boobs are you know…bigger than normal for my size, as are my shoulders.

SIZING: If you are a 34c/d I’d recommend the high cut.  It will still feel a little low, but still enough coverage.  I ordered a small because I wear a small in shirts, tank tops, etc.  I have no problem pulling it on and off my shoulders- hallelujah!

FABRIC: I wasn’t sure about the nylon fabric at first.  I was used to wearing Verve’s cotton blend sports bra.  The Toura seems almost like bathing suit material, only better.  I have not worn it solo while climbing, only with a tank top, so I am curious if the material will rub on rock and still hold up.  I’ll give an update when I’m sweating my balls off and have to climb in a bra only.

SUPPORT: I obviously wouldn’t go for a jog in this bra.  But it is perfect for climbing.

I’ll have to give an update in 6 months after living on the road.